Ah, sweet political whores and hypocrites. You stand on your soapboxes from hell and threaten our youth with destruction of their Constitutional rights, their basic human freedoms, with jail, and worse if they drink a glass of wine before they are 21 or if they, in their youthful indiscretion, eat a brownie laced with hemp leaves.

And when you have finished your diatribe for votes you entertain your benefactors in the Cancer Stick industry and your donors in the drug industry, and your cronies in the chemical additive industry.

Your greasy palm goes out to accept the filthy lucre offered by those who are addicting our youth to the killer narcotic nicotine, which will eventually destroy their lives before their time. You begin to fidget because your own body is now craving another drag of cancer laden poison even though you swore to yourself that you had smoked your last cigarette just that morning.

Your cigarette industry contributor, notices your withdrawal symptoms and reaches into his breast pocket, and offers you a cancer stick. Even though you are on pain killers, and mood altering drugs to help you overcome your addiction, you cannot resist. You light up and reconfirm to those around you the fact that you are a DRUG ADDICT!!! 

You inhale deeply and the narcotic effect soothes your already damaged lungs. The smoke feeds the cancer cells which are already growing and multiplying. You promise yourself that this will be your last cigarette but you know deep down inside that you are lying to yourself just as you lie to your constituents.

The next morning you take just ‘one last hit’ before going into the Chamber to vote. You vote a billion dollars for more youth detention facilities, a billion dollars to subsidize the timber industry, and a billion dollars to send guns and bombs to foreign dictators. The last vote of the day is the tobacco subsidy bill. You think long and hard about his one and then you remember all the tobacco lobby contributions which you have received to help you ‘represent the people’ and then you realize that the cost of your addiction might go up five cents per pack and you vote YES!!!  

Yes, to more waste of tax-dollars. Yes, to more cancer. Yes, to more pain and human suffering. Yes, to indirectly subsidizing the hospital and mortuary and cemetery industries. 

You are starting to sweat. You excuse yourself and go outside to take ‘one last hit’ on your ‘last’ Cancer Stick.

It has just been one more day in the life of a political whore and hypocrite. 


This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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